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Charisma Man first appeared in the February 1998 issue of the 'The Alien' magazine, and immediately catapulted into legendary-status among readers in Japan's expat/Gaijin world. The creator of the strip, Larry Rodney, teamed up with a graphic designer friend, Glen Schroeder, both from Canada, to produce the first year of outstanding strips. The strips continued through 2002 with Neil Garscadden doing the writing and Wayne Wilson providing the art work. At the end of 2002, a book containing all the original strips was published and quick sales further documented its appeal. 'Charisma Man' has now become common vernacular among ex-pats in Japan and other countries. This website provides all the info you need to keep up to date with all the latest Charisma Man developments.

In 2010 'CHARISMA MAN-The Even More Complete Collection' was released to wide acclaim. This beautiful new book contains all the strips from 'The Complete Collection' and NEW strips by Rodney and Garscadden which fulfill Charisma Man's ultimate destiny!

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